Farima Atelier wedding photography, with forty years of experience and permission from the Photographers' Union, organizes ceremonies and formalities for you dear ones around the world with various teams.


Farima Atelier Collective with Official Certificate from the Photographers Union with number of 256 

Farima Atelier Collective is the oldest studio in Iran, which started operating in 1977 under the name “Farima Atelier”. Currently, Farima’s studio complexes are operating around the world with different branches.

Farima Bridal Atelier is familiar with all the worries and concerns of the bride and groom and you can trust Farima like a family and be sure that we are with you moment by moment from the first days of planning to the last days of the ceremony:
– The team of Farima Bridal Consultants are at your service by phone, online and in person, to answer your questions in all areas related to planning and imaging formalities and weddings. Atelier Farima Bridal Consultants, with regard to gaining experience and skills in this field, can have the best solutions and suggestions for you dear ones.
– By booking an appointment in advance, you can benefit from the in-person consultation of the best bridal studio in Tehran. At least two bridal counselors are with you at each counseling session. By analyzing your ceremony and formality, as well as your psychological skills, the bridal counselors select and offer the best and most appropriate portfolio according to your taste. For all tastes and desires, a collection of portfolios is available in the central branch of Farima. After you have seen your favorite style of work, another consultant of Atelier Farima will be with you to introduce the best filming and photography items to you according to your taste and offer the best ones to you personally. In order to respect the tastes of the bride and groom, a special package for each bride and groom will be installed in this meeting. All items in this package are different from other brides and grooms and are suitable for you, and in addition to selecting the items in the package, you can also select the grading of each. It should be noted that for the consultation session, the previous appointment is made at least one week to ten days in advance, and the good news is that the consultation and order registration sessions are held every day, even on holidays and Fridays from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. . It is best to consult and register your order at least six months before the ceremony.
– Veiled brides and religious families have always had a special place in Atelier Freima. Atelier Farima supports Islam, Islamic customs and Iranian tradition. Ms. professional team with you in all areas of filming, photography, editing, design, etc. Dedicated and semi-dedicated locations have been set up to photograph veiled brides with their families. It is safe to say that Farima Atelier is the best veiled bride atelier in all of Iran and offers the best services for these loved ones by observing all Islamic customs.
– Farima Atelier, in order to better plan and reduce your worries, dear ones, three weeks before the ceremony, is with you and ready to provide the best solutions for the betterment of your ceremony. In the coordination meeting and think tank of Atelier Freima, your ceremony day will be fully planned and scheduled, you will get to know the executive team of the ceremony day more, the best gardens and mansions will be selected according to the location of the hall and the bridal hairdresser. and of course! Atelier Freima also has special recommendations for making you fresher, such as diet and …..
– If you have a special taste or you like your work to be different from other brides and grooms, decoupage sessions and directing Atelier Freima are the best solution for you. These meetings are held in the presence of the best and most experienced operations managers and consultants of Farima, and a different scenario is assigned to you. This meeting can be attended by your family, friends or bridesmaids.
– Your wedding day will be the most memorable day in your whole life. Just have fun on this day! The oldest studio in Tehran is by your side and we have all the coordination and timing with our executive team. Rest assured! Every single moment of this beautiful night will be recorded.
– One week to ten days after the wedding day, you can contact Farima Atelier to book a photo selection time. The complete archive of photos is available to you in the central branch of Atelier Farima to select the best and most beautiful photos from among them. Remember that all photos are raw and the design team of Atelier Farima is behind the scenes to design and edit the best wedding and formality magazines to your liking. On this day, you can have suggestions about wedding clips or formalities and even send us your favorite music. The head of the editing team will be your guide in this field.
– Priority until the last moment with your taste and desire! After designing the album and before printing, the album designer is with you to confirm all the details of your album. In the design approval session, your opinion is decisive about retouching, color, photo layout, printed paper, even album art. In this session, the first copy of the wedding clips and formalities will be delivered to you so that you can check them at the best opportunity, and in order to correct the items in question, all you have to do is contact the editing team of Farima Atelier in person.
– Bridal albums, clips, bridal lights, boards, chassis, snapshots, etc. are all ready for delivery! Memories of the best night of your life are ready! Your photo archive is kept by Farima Bridal Atelier and we are at your service to re-order! All albums have a 10-year warranty, and we also have a special surprise for all brides and grooms.
– And again, Farima Atelier is still with you! The oldest studio in Tehran, from the birth of your children, to their wedding and the next generations will stay with your smile and look.