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Wedding Formality or Prewedding Photography?
FarimaAtelier / Aug2020

The first question you need to answer is what is your purpose in doing the formality? Do you mean to have a wedding formality to save time on your wedding day and only have filming and photography inside the ceremony? Or is it your goal to have a full day of filming and photography in a different location from your wedding day?

In a specialized wedding photography, the first case is called "prewedding" and the main goal is to save time and energy on the wedding day.

This type of formality also has advantages and disadvantages. The first advantage of this formality is that it saves the energy and potential of the bride and groom for the wedding celebration. Planning the wedding day makes it easier, the bride does not have to be at the bridal hairdresser early in the morning, although the bride and groom have more time to rest for a few more hours, there is no need to go home to the hairdresser several times a day. The bride, hairdresser to the mansion or photo location, mansion to the wedding hall, etc., and all possible problems, including traffic, late arrival of the bride or any unforeseen waste of time or accident, is reduced. . Another advantage of wedding proposal is that the bride and groom can choose a wedding location that is farther away from the wedding hall because there is no time limit and they can choose their favorite location with ease.

Another good thing about a prewedding that makes brides so eager is that they can have different hairstyles and make-up on this day to have more variety in photos and videos. Brides can have open or semi-open hair on the day of the presentation and closed hair on the wedding day and have two different types of makeup. The advantage of this is that they can also consider the day of pre-work as a make-up test day and choose their wedding day hairdresser better.

Given that the wedding day is a unique day and certainly the bride and groom do not have the experience of this night, the prep can prepare the necessary preparation for the wedding day. Naturally, the wedding dress has a lot of weight and it is very difficult to wear and move with it and sit and get up. The day before the wedding helps the bride to have a better experience and preparation for the wedding day.

The only disadvantage of wedding proposal is that the cost of make-up and wedding dress is doubled. And if the wedding dress is rented, this point should be considered in advance and planned for it. Given the many benefits of having a wedding proposal, it seems affordable to do so.

Another type of formality, which is separate from the wedding day presentation, is done in a different location and with a different dress and style. Which is usually different from the wedding dress.

This type of formality is very popular among brides and grooms. And fewer brides and grooms give up. Even many young couples perform a variety of formalities for their other occasions such as dating or wedding anniversary and even honeymoon.

Wedding formalities are usually a complete project of filming and photographing the bride and groom, the output of which is a specialized album and clip. To perform the wedding formality, you can choose any location anywhere on the planet! Due to the fact that the formality is performed on a day other than the wedding day, you do not have a time limit for the location route and you can even travel to other cities and countries. What could be better than to have romantic photos and videos of beautiful moments with your partner wherever you want! What could be better than leaving this to the best studio in Tehran? We will definitely guide you in the future articles of Atelier Freima about the variety of locations of your formality.

In the formality you can enjoy the pristine nature and dream locations. You choose which nature you like the most? Sea? Jungle? desert? Island? Free your mind from the constraints: North? South? Tehran? Iran? Where on earth? Atelier Freima promises you that even you are not limited to the planet and even in the skies you can hold your own formalities. For more information, contact the bridal consulting team of the central branch, (Farima Pasdaran Bridal Atelier).

The other good news is that in wedding formality you can choose any type of dress and style and there are no restrictions. Of course, for more attractive photos and videos of formality, it is better to have good focus and accuracy in choosing formal clothes. In future articles of Atelier Farima, we will definitely review the appropriate clothes for formality and its types.

Another advantage of bridal formality is that you have the opportunity for a full day of filming and photography. You can even enjoy the sunset and the darkness of the night. The other good thing is that you no longer have to worry about the wedding day and your energy level is higher and you can enjoy this day and reflect your good feeling in your photos and videos.

Another great advantage of this type of formality is that you can consider different scenarios for yourself. And even include the humorous aspect. Farima Bridal Atelier does the best and most special scenarios and planning for you dear ones with decoupage and directing sessions.

Perhaps one of the major concerns of brides and grooms for formalities is time constraints. This is doubled by the worries associated with weddings and cohabitation. Do not worry, just spend a day of your time on formality and recording your sweet moments.

In this article, we examined and chose between formality or proposal. Many brides and grooms choose both to have enough time and peace to celebrate the wedding day and to have memorable photos and videos in the heart of nature with their favorite style clothes.

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