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Wedding and corona virus
farimaatelier / Nov 2020

Has your wedding been canceled because of Corona? Or are you planning to have a ceremony and your schedule is messed up because of the corona?
Or maybe you have decided to start your life together but you do not know if you should wait for the ceremony and the corona to be determined or if you should start your life together soon?
The best bridal studio in Tehran with forty years of experience is with you to be your guide in this field, dear brides and grooms.

As you know, the Corona pandemic started around the winter of 1999, and initially affected many businesses and people with various quarantines and restrictions. Naturally, with the introduction of the law of social distance, in addition to quarantines, many gatherings were limited and even eliminated. Among these gatherings, we can mention holding parties and ceremonies, including weddings, engagements, weddings, birthdays, and so on. This overshadowed many people, including young couples and brides and grooms, and led to the cancellation and relocation of many ceremonies. Also, many brides and grooms need definite planning and timing to hold the ceremony and start living together, which has made the spread of the corona virus very difficult.
Join Farima Bridal Atelier to provide you with the best solutions.

We all know that a wedding is one of the most glorious ceremonies, and holding it requires planning, scheduling, and step-by-step steps. In addition to all this, holding a wedding ceremony is very costly and each stage of it, in addition to time and energy, requires money and of course economic planning. Coordinating the ceremony and venue may be the first step, which alone involves various steps, including specifying the desired date, number of guests, type of reception, flower arrangement and candle arrangement, and many more, all of which must be accompanied by other details such as Bride and groom hairdresser, bridal mason, bridal bouquet, bridal atelier and …… be coordinated.
It has long been a custom for the bride and groom to start their life together with a wedding celebration. Therefore, in addition to the above, the coordination of the desired house, and the preparation of the dowry and its arrangement must also be considered. With these descriptions, dear brides and grooms must have accurate and good time and economic planning.
Unfortunately, many of the beloved brides and grooms did all this planning and were ready for the wedding and the beginning of their life together, which was disrupted by the outbreak of the corona virus. The sudden outbreak of the virus suddenly affected the whole world. None of us believed that coronary heart disease was so serious. Or become so prevalent. None of us thought that the corona outbreak would be so long and, most importantly, we do not know how long this situation will continue …
Many of our brides and grooms, with the cancellation of their ceremonies, hoped that conditions would soon be favorable in the next one or two months at the most, and that they would be able to hold their ceremonies. Not only did the situation not improve, but it also suffered from frequent instability, so that no specific time was set for the reopening of the gardens and halls, and the bride and groom could not make the right decision. On the other hand, many brides and grooms booked their dates with the cancellation of their ceremonies, hoping to hold their ceremonies, but unfortunately, with the restrictions imposed on the halls and wedding ceremonies, the relocation of the ceremonies continued. And no ceremony has been held for months, and no news has been announced about the date of reopening of the halls, or the holding of ceremonies according to the new protocols.

What is the main solution with these interpretations?

 Apart from the risk of getting the disease and the problems surrounding it, what is the solution to the problem of the youth? What should be done for the good of marriage? Atelier Freima is with you to provide you with the best solutions for the current situation.

The first solution: Holding a wedding ceremony, with the presence of first-class families

The first suggestion of the oldest studio in Tehran, in corona conditions, is to hold a notarized wedding ceremony with the presence of first-class families and without inviting guests. You can choose a notary or ceremonial notary in accordance with health protocols and register your transplant. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time. And in any situation, memories can be made. On this memorable day, you can immortalize your memories with the presence of an experienced photography and filming team. Farima Bridal Atelier has another offer for your wedding day. You can also have filming and photography in the garden or mansion at no extra cost to take advantage of the opportunity and the experienced teams of Atelier Farima will be with you for a full day. And finally, a stylish wedding album and a complete clip will remain as a souvenir of your marriage.

The second solution: Wedding photography and videography without ceremony

This solution has also been liked by many young couples, so that all wedding procedures are performed, except for holding ceremonies. That is, the bride in a wedding dress and make-up, and the groom in a groom’s dress, spend a whole day filming and photographing in a luxurious location such as a wedding mansion. Farima Photo Atelier provides the conditions to simulate the wedding day as much as possible, and with the help of bridal counselors, examines the concerns of the bride and groom. For example, Farima Bridal Atelier has provided the presence of families in movies and photos or indoor filming for you dear ones. On the other hand, it is possible to hold an Aryan wedding, tango dance and the presence of bridesmaids with prior planning.

The third solution: Performing bridal formalities outside of Tehran

This approach has also been very popular with brides and grooms during the Corona, and formality is often seen as an additional option to wedding and wedding photography. From the past, formality has had its own fans, because it provides access to pristine and more beautiful locations, and the bride and groom, apart from stress and wedding day programs, usually wear more comfortable clothing and a happier position. They can have more natural and, of course, more special photos and videos. Farima Atelier is with you with new and special locations all over the country, and you dear ones can choose the location you want by spending the formality fee in Tehran. Bridal formalities including northern formality, southern formality, desert formality, Qeshm formality, Chabahar formality, Yazd formality and many other new locations are just a part of your choices.
In addition to the above, Farima Atelier accompanies you with decoupage and directing to make your formality more special.

Solution 4: Indoor photography

Is it other than that photography and filming are done to capture your current memories? Photography to preserve the memory of the beautiful days of the beginning of your life. Photographing your new and shared home can also be a special and lasting idea for you. In addition, your intimacy and romance, and new ideas and scenarios can make your work different. Indoor photography has the advantage that there is no additional cost for booking locations and travel, and the home environment is safer from the corona virus.

As a result, due to the uncertainty of the corona and the limitations, it is more logical to start a life together without a ceremony, and this sweet memory can be immortalized by photographing and filming. Dear, they can have the above solutions in combination with the most economical price by choosing open packages. And most importantly, with counseling sessions, bridal counselors are with you to make the best choice.