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The Story Of Farima Banoo
SHAKHSAR FATIMA / May 22, 2020
The Story Of Farima Banoo

once upon a time

Somewhere not far from here, under the blue sky of dreams, lay behind the sea of ​​dreams the great land of images. In this land, all kinds of beautiful paintings and photographs lived in small and large houses in the shape of frames. The Land of Images had an experienced and skilled queen named Farima Banoo, who with her only daughter “Smile”
In the Golden Palace, memories reigned. The girl’s smile was sweet and happy, she helped everyone as much as she could to find a more beautiful shape and mood. All the paintings and photographs loved the smile very much.

The days passed happily until one day the people of the land of images received the news that a kind smile had fallen ill. He became more pale and dull every day. All the pictures and paintings were very worried and sad, because no one knew exactly why the smile was sick. Inevitably, the city doctor, who was an old oil painter, was present. The old painter examined the smile for a while and then turned to Farima Banoo and said: “Dear lady, unfortunately I have no good news for you. Your beautiful daughter has a bad disease called loneliness. The cure for this disease is only a real love medicine.” A very rare drug that can be found in the city of reality. One has to travel to the city of reality and find the cure for true love.
No one really knew exactly where the city of reality was. Some said that somewhere in the distance, behind the mountain of legends, rumors were circulating that the real city was a dark and scary city with nails and paintings nailed to high walls. He did not want any paintings or drawings to travel to this city.
When Lady Farima heard the old painting, she thought. As Queen of the City, she was responsible for all the images, not for the people of the city to risk their smiles, although she knew how much everyone loved smiles.

To solve this problem, Farima Banoo decided to get help from the Minister of Land, Images of Khan’s Camera, who was very wise and far-sighted.
My dear lady, I know someone who is willing to go to the city of reality and bring the potion of true love for a beautiful smile. When Farima Banoo heard this, she asked happily: Who is the camera of Khan? Introduce her to us.
Camera Khan said: “My lady is a little farther from the city of pictures. There is a hut in the rainbow forest. It looks like human eyes. It is inhabited by a worthy young man named Negah. I met him by chance. He told me a story about him. The day he walked in the woods, he met a girl named Smile and talked to her, and from that day on he couldn’t forget her. When he realizes that the smile of the queen’s daughter has become ill, he decides to meet you, but the guards do not let him into the city because he is not a picture. I am sure that he is ready to save the smile of the city. Really go.
Farima Banoo said: “Come to Khan’s camera very quickly for the trip, I am ready to reward him for saving my daughter’s life.”
Khan’s camera hurried to look at him and found him crying near a pond. She told him the story of Farima Banoo’s command and said that if Negah could find the cure for true love, the Queen of the City of Images would give her a decent reward.
He was very happy to see that Farima Banoo had trusted him and told Khan’s camera that he did not expect any reward, except that they could always see the beautiful smile happy and healthy, and that he was willing to take all the risks of the trip wholeheartedly and to The city of reality travels.
Camera Khan thought for a moment and said, “I know how much you love a beautiful smile, but you should know that the city of reality is a dangerous place because it has been deceived and deceived by the troops for some time, and they have arrested you and imprisoned you in daily prison.” They do, it’s better to wear curious clothes so that no one knows you, just remember that only a potion of true love can save a beautiful smile. Be careful not to fall into the trap of fraudsters and spenders, they will not sell you a fake potion at a high price. Negah said that Khan Dana’s camera will remember your words and you can be sure that no one will recognize me in curious clothes.
It so happened that the look in the clothes of curiosity began its long journey to the city of reality, escaped from the trap of the deceitful and deceitful armies, and went and went until it reached the luxurious and glamorous store that the owner wanted. “Welcome, my friend, whatever you want can be found here.” Negah said: I am looking for a real love potion, do you have such a medicine? The lust showed a golden golden cup and flattered him, saying that of course we have a good sacrifice for him. There is a business love potion in this cup. It is enough for someone to drink a sip of it and live in a dream of well-being and comfort for the rest of his life and have all kinds of facilities. Of course, the price is a bit expensive, and since the effect is short-lived, you have to buy a few glasses of it. Negah said what is the price? Desire said that the price is as long as a lifetime of jealousy and unreasonable expectations and eyes and eyes. He said that the only thing I have is a drop of clear tears and a pure heart. I don’t think I can pay the price of business love.
He looked out of the lust store and continued on his way, reaching a very large store owned by a dreamer. Immediate fantasy came up and he said: In my service, sir, you can find whatever you want in my store. Negah said: Do you have a real love potion? “Yes, sir, I have a potion called the dream of love that everyone who drinks it will be happy for the rest of their lives and will have no problems in life,” said Khayalfafi, pointing to the silver-colored glass. Only this potion is very unstable because it is made from Heprot extract. “I can’t afford such a heavy price,” says Negah. “The only thing I have is a drop of tears and a pure heart.”
The sad look continued on its way. The night had come. The cold wind was blowing. Negah thought to himself, how do you know that these potions are the medicine of true love and can cure the disease of a beautiful smile alone? The black ghost of despair had overshadowed his heart when he suddenly saw a light in the dark.
The light can be seen through the hospital window with the words “Seal and Light” written on it. He looked at the hospital and was greeted by a kind and compassionate couple who had been friends and companions for many years. He looked desperately and asked, “Excuse me, do you have a real love potion?” They replied: Yes, we have a healing medicine called “Helpful Love”. Our medicine guarantees the well-being and happiness of someone, but if someone drinks it, he will never be alone and helpless in the hardships of the times and can be a real joy. Understand and light the hope in the heart. He looked up and happily asked, “How much is this medicine?” “It’s a drop of clear tears and a pure heart, but it takes patience, we don’t sell the drug, but we can teach you how to make it,” Mehr said.
It so happened that for a while he learned to make the drug “Helpful Love” from Mehr and Roshan. He returned to the city with the pictures and put the healing potion he had made into a beautiful smile. Soon, the beautiful smile was good. Pictures and paintings of the land of images, thanks to the health of a beautiful smile, celebrated and danced. Now they knew that the look and the smile of each other had become eternal. Farima Banoo, the queen of the city, pictures with the help of Khan’s camera

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