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The Best Photography Studio in Tehran at Home (Part two)
FarimaAtelier / June2020
Home lighting, the best studio in Tehran

Lighting is definitely one of the most important pieces of equipment in a home photography studio. A home photography studio lighting base can consist of just one lamp (or flashlight or flash) and an umbrella-like reflector. If you want to become more advanced with the lighting of Tehran’s best studio home studio, you need to increase the lights to three so that you can achieve a three-point portrait lighting setting. By increasing the number and type of lighting modifiers, you can definitely create new effects of lighting that you can achieve from the home photography studio that is to be named the best home studio in Tehran.

For the lights themselves, there are two main options, Speedlight and Strobe. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you need to revisit your goals for a home photography studio. Although speedlights are cheap, light and small, but they have shortcomings that you should pay attention to before buying for a photography studio and equipping your best home studio in Tehran. They are definitely not as powerful as strobes, so you do not get as much light from them, you have to compensate with your camera settings, which can lead to slightly blurry images. (A really great portrait camera will take care of this problem)
They also take longer to recover between photos than regular flashes, meaning you can’t take photos in a row. This is the only problem for certain types of photography. So this may not be something to worry about. For example, if you try to capture a specific moment, such as hair movement, you probably will not notice the slow recovery time.

The bottom line for this type of light is that unlike flashes, they do not have a modeling light. Modeling lights are lamps that are placed near the flash lamp and give you an idea of ​​how the flash illuminates the image when working. Finally, you should know your home photography studio like the back of your hand to test the heat of the water, so you will not have a problem with long-term photography. This means that in order to get the right sense of light, you have to experiment on your speedlights until you have a real client in the home portrait studio. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

Home flashes of the best studio in Tehran

If you want to look for flash instead of speedlights, your units will definitely be more powerful. This is great if you want to get the most accurate and clear images possible. They are also ideal for a photography studio where you want to capture a lot of short moments, as they recover much faster than Speedlight. This can be useful if you are photographing larger groups. It’s hard for everyone to look their best at the same time. So by taking more photos, you increase your chances of capturing that image better. You can also benefit from a modeling light.

Of course, they are more expensive than speedlights, so what should you consider when deciding to set up your own home-based studio in Tehran? The flashes also weigh more, so they will be more cumbersome to move or pick up. If you are lucky enough to have more space, this will not be a big problem for you and you can dedicate it to your home photography studio, so flash is a great choice.

Home lamp stands, the best studio in Tehran

Do not forget the lamp bases. These usually take up little space, so if you know you’re working with three-point lighting, make sure you have enough space for each tripod.

Background of the best atelier in Tehran at home

Setting up a photography studio in your home should include several background options that you can use over and over again for different types of photos. The first step is to buy a retractable type that allows you to choose both black and white, as it is versatile and will work for a variety of different portrait images. You may also want to back up a background that can hold the background of your shrinkage as well as any integrated rolls you start shrinking.