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Ten Secrets for Magic Kids Photos, Part One
FarimaAtelier / Jun 2020

Do you try to take good photos of children and babies yourself without the need for a baby photo studio or as a baby photo studio photographer? Child photography can be challenging. But it is very interesting. So how can you take beautiful photos of children for the title of children’s photo studio? How do you capture childish magic in a picture? In this tutorial, you will discover 10 professional secrets for taking magical photos of children and babies.

Choose a place to take a photo

As a photo studio, of course, the child is the most important element in your photo. But you should also choose a place for your photography. Even if the background is often blurred in a portrait photo, it is still an important part of the final image. So what could be a great place to photograph children?

a good news:
As a child photo studio photographer, you can actually create magic from the smallest elements of your environment. The basic things to consider are details, texture and color. Look for a background that adds detail to your photo. If there are no details or textures, you have nothing to create this beautiful background blur.
Also, the outdoor space outside the baby photo studio includes the beach, the forest or an open ground are great places for photography. You can also shoot in urban environments and use buildings to add detail to the background. Even an abandoned parking lot or a plot of land can create an interesting setting. Of course, you can also take photos of your baby indoors or at the studio, which is great for baby photography.

When choosing a location, consider how the surroundings might add to the storytelling element of your photo. You also want the background color to complete the theme. This means that you may need to think about the color of your subject’s clothing. For example, if you are shooting at a green space or trees, you can set the subject by dressing them in contrasting colors such as red. It is important to choose a good background now. But you also need great lighting outside of your baby photo studio. Read on to find out how to capture incredible light when taking pictures of children.

Photography in natural and soft light

Good light adds magical quality to your photos. The same place can look completely different in different types of light. And in certain types of light you are more focused than others. So what kind of light is best for children’s photography?
First of all, as a child photo studio photographer I like to shoot in daylight. Because you no longer need expensive studio lights and flash guns, the best type of light is soft or diffused light. This type of light softens the details and makes the surface on the skin look smooth. It also softens the overall look of the photo, which is great for creating magical photos of children.
So how do you soften the light in your portrait photos? If you are photographing a child outside the studio, you must first photograph an hour before sunset. When the sun is down in the sky, the light is soft and the colors are beautiful and warm.
However, this time of day is not always the best time for children. If the sunset is around bedtime, it is unlikely that you will have a happy child to take pictures. So, another option is to take pictures early in the morning before the sun is too high in the sky. When the sun is too high in the sky, you give harsh shadows to your subject. And too much light makes the baby cry. If you need to shoot during the day, find an area of ​​shadow.
For example, you can place your subject under some trees or shrubs. Make sure the child is in a bright area and not in the shade scattered by the foliage or trees above. (Because you do not want the child in the dark.) I call this the “spotlight technique.” And ideal for highlighting your topic in the middle of the day. Just be careful not to place light shadows on the baby’s face or head. Clouds and fog will also cause light to spread and soften. So even in bad weather, you can take beautiful photos with a soft and dreamy atmosphere.
For indoor photography like a baby photo studio or even home, all you need is a room with a window.
Just make sure you do not have direct sunlight as this can create harsh shadows for your subject.
Remember, you want the light to be soft and even. So if you shoot in soft natural light, your photos will be stunning!

Use a backlight or lights

Most people think that it is better to turn their backs on the sun when taking pictures. But this is not the case with beautiful baby portraits. If the sun is behind you, it shines directly on your subject’s face. This makes the child stubborn and you definitely do not want it.
Bright light on your subject’s face can also cause the skin to be overexposed (too bright).
So where do you put the light in relation to your subject?
I like to backlight my subjects. This means that light comes from behind the baby. Backlighting in magical images results in your subject glare. For best results, make sure the sun does not dominate the scene. You can place the sun behind the subject or behind other objects in the scene. Or adjust your photo with the sun slightly out of frame.
Keep moving and change your shooting angle until you find a position where it works. Bottom shooting is a great way to block the sun when it is down in the sky. Shooting at bright light sometimes causes your subject to appear like a ghost. If this happens, try blocking the light using the subject. You should also set your camera’s measurement setting to spot metering. Then make sure to set the focus on the subject’s face. The camera then correctly exposes the child’s face.
If shooting at the sun is challenging and your subject still appears as a dark ghost, change your position so that the sun shines on one side of the subject. This is called lateral lighting. And this is a great way to brighten up your subjects.
Remember, the direction of the light can make a big difference in your photos.
Therefore, always note where the light comes from. And select the shooting position so that the subject is illuminated from behind or on its sides.