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Seven photo ideas for baby
FarimaAtelier / May 2020

Congratulations on the new step! Whether your baby has just been born or you are anxiously calculating the dates of the due date, now is the time to plan your baby’s photo studio. The first few weeks of your baby go by very quickly, and those admirable sleepy photos, where the baby is with his legs tucked under him, his hands glued nicely under his chin, and … just They are possible in the first two weeks. After that, your little one will be a little more active. A sleeping or feeding baby creates the best portrait subject. So try these seven baby photography ideas to capture special moments.

One: The first day in the hospital

Do not pay attention to what it looked like in the hours of fatigue and being watched. The pleasure of holding a baby will overcome everything. So it is better to capture these moments in photos! Be sure to record the first moments not only together, but also the child and the father, the child and the grandmother and the grandfather and so on. But how to be sure in those circumstances? Eliminate your worries by planning ahead and having a child photo studio photographer in the hospital who can capture these moments effectively.

Second: Shooting of big brother / big sister

If this is your second or third child, be sure to take a photo of the siblings’ first introduction. What is sweeter than a big brother or sister staring at a light-hearted sibling? Meeting a new baby is probably one of your baby’s oldest memories, and it only makes sense to remember those feelings only with a camera.

Fourth: Moments shared with dad

Either ask yourself or your child’s photo studio photographer to photograph the father’s bond with his baby while feeding on a bottle or from skin-to-skin contact. You can also get ideas from the moment a father reads a book or a story to a child or the moment I love you and say good night to the father.

Fifth: Do not miss the delicate details

Your baby’s ten little fingers, two little ears, and a buttoned nose grow quickly, but you can keep your baby’s memory alive through photography. It is easy to take pictures of several feet and hands when taking pictures of the baby’s whole body. For a better way to do this, refer to the baby photo studio because they give you good ideas.

Sixth: Use baskets and bowls

Did your baby stork bring it to you? Celebrate your arrival to take a photo of a basket, bowl or other container in the baby photo studio. Be creative: The child is in a wicker basket or a gift basket or a pumpkin dish or a pot or bundle or… funny ideas.

Seventh: Accessories bigger than a baby

In photography, combining tools and your baby can be one of the best ideas to have a funny photo. For example, if the father is a football fan, he can hold the baby wearing a football uniform with a goalkeeper glove. Or, for example, put the baby in the arms of a big teddy bear. Often, children’s photo studios have ideas in this regard. So be creative and enjoy your creative photos before your baby grows up.

All of these baby photo ideas can be popular with grandparents and other relatives. Turn them into perfect photos for use in a baby photo album. By doing a photography project in the baby photo studio and recording these photos and having a photo album in the future, it will be very interesting for your beloved and you can even give a photo frame of your baby as a gift to grandparents.