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Prewedding Clothing Selection (Part One)
FarimaAtelier / Sep 2020
Choosing the right dress for formality is one of the most important choices in the process of formal wedding. Although the choice of clothes may not seem important at first glance, but in the end, your clothes and style will have a great impact on your final photo and video. Because choosing unique and special clothes can make the final output of your work special and different. Atelier Freima is with you to help you make the best choice

First of all, let’s examine whether you want the formality or the offer? For more information on this topic, be sure to read the article “Wedding Formality or Wedding Proposal?” Read the site of Farima Atelier.

If you plan to film and photograph your wedding day on a formal day, to save time, have more energy on your wedding day, and focus on the wedding celebration, the good news is that the process of choosing your dress Done for formality! Well, it is clear that you are doing your formality with a wedding dress. But it is good to read the experiences of Farima Bridal Atelier in this regard:

Holding a formality with a wedding dress has the advantage that you gain experience with the wedding dress and how to use it. Naturally, a wedding dress, a luxurious dress with a high weight, and walking and sitting and getting up with it is very difficult, on the other hand, princess skirts, large skirts and the use of Japanese make it very difficult. Stoned or embroidered clothing may also cause scratches, redness and skin sensitivity. Formality with a wedding dress gives you the readiness to use your wedding dress for the second time more easily and get used to it.

The next item is makeup and shinion wedding day formality which can be different from the original wedding day. Using open hairstyles for formality is a great idea. Applying a different make-up style also adds variety to your videos and photos.

If you do not want to choose a wedding dress as a formal dress, you can choose a dress similar to the wedding dress. This type of dress is the most common and popular dress for the bride's formality.

The usual white silk dress, which is simpler and lighter than the original wedding dress, is chosen. And with simpler make-up and hairstyle, it has its own charm. Of course, using special accessories, you can give a unique color and beauty to clothes, photos and videos. For more information on formality accessories, be sure to follow the next articles of Farima Bridal Atelier.

Another suggestion for choosing a formal dress is to use black, which creates a beautiful contrast.

Another suggestion for choosing a formal dress is to use black, which creates a beautiful contrast. It is better to know that the most suitable locations for using black clothes are desert locations. And it is not recommended in the locations of Sribs, and it should be done with great care by coordinating the clothes with the location and other accessories and make-up.

Another offer is for formal wear, sportswear and casual styles

The secret of this style is simplicity! Yes simplicity! Keep it simple! There is no need for luxurious clothes with special sewing designs and different styles, you can easily combine your ordinary and everyday clothes and have a photo and a video from your studio that will always show you your comfortable and intimate feeling. Of course, creativity and special ideas can make your sports style more attractive.

In general, for formal clothes, you have a lot of options in front of you that with a little creativity, you can have a completely different style and leave special photos and videos of yourself. In the next articles of Farima Bridal Atelier, we will definitely examine the formalities and choices in front of you in more detail.