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One hundred and one important wedding photography tips to become the best studio in Tehran, part two
FarimaAtelier / Jun 2020
Top Tips and Tricks to Improve Wedding Photography

To be the best studio in Tehran, you have to deal with a number of different types of photography. “Wedding photography” actually includes a short documentary, portraits, landscapes, family photos (not but should be!). A wedding can be a stressful day for the photographer and the couple, but it does not have to be. not at all!

With that in mind, we hope our wedding photography tricks can be a way to relieve any stress you may have when it comes to wedding photography. Wedding photography can be very helpful, especially if you have happy couples.

Know the expectations of couples

Sometimes this can be out of your control. But to become the best studio in Tehran, you have to meet the customer’s needs. However, you have to set your goal for the delivery of photos with the standard that you advertised when signing the contract. If you do not display heart-shaped group photos in your portfolio, the couple should not expect you to do so. What they expect from you is exactly what you set out in your contract, unless something else is already being discussed.

Rental of backup tools

If you are new to wedding photography, getting tools can be an investment. We always recommend that you provide several types of wedding camera backups for emergencies. If you can not have a second body, consider a cheap camera model or rent one. It may seem like you are losing your profit, but if your main body is inefficient on your wedding day, it can literally cause you to lose and even pay damages to become the best studio in Tehran. Get away.

For becoming the best studio in Tehran, forge!

Use a fake bride and groom to practice the techniques or just to make some pictures and portfolios. To start to become the best studio in Tehran, it is difficult at first and you need a sample to attract customers. Photographing couples who are friends or fiancés is a great way to build confidence and experiment with new techniques without the stress of a wedding.

Free Second Photographer

Meeting wedding photographers in your class can be a great way to make friends, but it can also be a great way to get a second photographer for free. This allows you to provide exchange services with them, that is, when you need a second photographer, you refer to them, and vice versa, if they need a second photographer, they refer to the best studio in Tehran, ie you.

Be armed to the teeth!

Not! This does not mean that you attend the ceremony in knightly clothes.
We are talking about batteries and a lot of them. Camera battery life varies from camera to camera, but we usually recommend three batteries per camera. We also recommend bringing the charger to the wedding. This way you can charge a canister while you have two other canisters to destroy your enemies … we mean take a picture.

Do you remember the rest of the ceremony when the memory card is full?

No I do not! Because the tips and tricks related to wedding photography have affected us. Many modern cameras, such as the Canon 5D or Nikon D750, have dual card slots, meaning that each image can be transferred to two cards. It destroys a lot of memory. So the advice to have a memory card is many and many. Our preference is to have a memory card in each camera of about 100 GB.

Get faster memory

As one of the best tips for RAW photography, we recommend getting fast memory cards. RAW files are large, and since there is a lot of data to store on your memory card, you will have to spend less time later transferring it as the best studio in Tehran with a high workload. To choose a fast memory card you need to quickly measure the “write” in megabits per second. Be aware that the speed mentioned on the card is the speed at which it transfers files to your computer. 95 MB / s is a good write speed and should transfer RAW images to your computer easily and in tandem.


Just like visiting a venue, practicing is really good for beginners so that they can become the best studio in Tehran. This can be a great help in overcoming what will happen on your wedding day. This can make it easier for a beginner and give them more opportunities on their wedding day.


The rituals of this occasion generally show how smart or comfortable you can be in choosing your clothes. For example, say the couple is getting married on a beach, the groom is wearing shorts and sandals, you can consider a three-piece suit. But this is not a perfect answer to “what is a wedding dress”. Wedding day is a long day so you do not want to be limited by too formal clothes.

In the following sections, we will discuss the points that you should pay attention to during the wedding, after the wedding and other things. Stay with us.