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One hundred and one important points of wedding photography to become the best studio in Tehran, part one
FarimaAtelier / Jun 2020

This time we are here to share some of the best wedding photo tips with you. Over the years, we have had hundreds of weddings and this activity has been a great platform to share our knowledge and experiences with others. The purpose of this article is to provide ideas that you can consider when photographing a wedding. We do not expect you to use these points as a decisive model and we always encourage you to find your way to win the title of one of the best studios in Tehran. We also know that some of these wedding photography tips are not necessarily related to your style. However, we hope that we have covered enough topics so that you get something more special at your next wedding. All your reason for becoming the best studio in Tehran is to get some great tips and tricks about wedding photography. So let’s get started!


There is a lot of planning going on for a wedding and sometimes unfortunately not everything can go well. Couples may get into trouble after coordination, during or even after the project is completed, and circumstances may change, but you, as the best studio in Tehran, can ensure that you have a contract legally (which protects you). You see that payment is still being made. It’s also a great way to determine exactly what the couple will receive from you on the day of delivery. So it creates a sense of mutual responsibility.

Visit the wedding venue

One of the things to consider when photographing a wedding is to visit the venue. This can be useful for a beginner to become the best studio in Tehran, because the seasonal wedding photographer says that “this is a waste of time”. By doing this, you will be informed about the suitability of the light or the existence of facilities in case of bad weather conditions, etc. However, it is possible to plan ahead for the event so that you are prepared for the day of the event, even in the event of out-of-control events.

Get time for fast and unique moments

This means that it is a good idea to have time to cut the cake, perform couples, fireworks and such instant and unique moments, because you definitely do not want to be the best studio in Tehran to have dinner or rest during these moments, so it is better Coordinate these programs with the person in charge of the ceremony so that you do not miss!

Use wedding accessories

Having a few wedding accessories such as a wedding pendant, ring box, empty photo frame and such accessories for the benefit of your creativity. As the best studio in Tehran, you must have special and original ideas. Because such cases usually do not occur. So this is something you can discuss with couples before the wedding.

Coordinate with couples about specific photos (make a photo list)

Do not necessarily see the photo list as bad or difficult. Keep in mind that you and your spouse have consulted before the wedding to discuss the feasibility of the ideas. In addition, if they want to take a picture with a certain person, such as an aunt, you know that you have to take a picture of that special, so you have to spend this flexibility as the best studio in Tehran. Shot lists can be unnecessary for items you know you need to record. But for the more obscure cases of the bride and groom who want to be photographed, it can be a great thing.

By not preparing, you are preparing for failure!

This is probably one of the most important wedding photography tricks. When you appear in the role of the best studio in Tehran, you should know that “readiness” is the key to success in weddings. Being one step ahead can give you that advantage and allow you to capture good moments throughout the day. Spare batteries, empty memory cards, scheduling, scheduling, and backup are all essential to getting the most out of any event.

What does the contract include?

Talking about this with couples before signing a contract is one of the most important things for wedding photographers. Even if you do, there may still be disagreements about what is offered after delivery. However, you should have a text and a contract to look back on to see exactly what has been agreed. You must state clearly:

– How many edited images do they receive?
– How many hours a day will you photograph?
– Do you include all the photos taken or not?
– Do they get an album?
– Are they sponsoring travel expenses?
– But you do it in the best studio in Tehran to avoid quarrels and discussions after the wedding


Knowing the name of the person in charge of the ceremony can be a great help. Get their numbers too …
They generally know a lot of people at weddings, so they can help with the day-to-day preparations. If you have a problem during the day, having their number can be great.




Join us in the second part.

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