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How to look good in photos, part one
FarimaAtelier / Jun 2020
First: Determine why you looked good (or bad) in the pictures

Review the people you photographed outside the studio. When did you appear good? When did you look bad? Can you tell the difference? Look at other people’s pictures and see why they look good. Some of the problems that may exist are:

– Brightness of your photo
Complex or closed eyes
– The wrong angle of your face
– Do not use your best smile
Cosmetics such as blackheads and pimples or choosing a hairstyle or dress that is not suitable for you

Second: Practice in front of a mirror or camera

According to the photography studio, one of the best ways to find the best angle or smile is to practice. Decide in what situations he looked good. Decide which side looks best on your right or left side. Our faces are not perfectly symmetrical so one side of the face generally looks better than the other. Try to position your body at an angle so that you know how to position yourself when in front of the camera. For the most attractive gesture, you have to rotate 45 degrees. Your hairstyle usually helps you decide which side looks better, especially if your hairstyle is asymmetrical.

Third: Wear appropriate clothing

Wear clothes that you know look good on you, both inside and outside the studio. Wear clothes that fit your body type. Know what colors look right with your face and hair. It is important to look for your best photos. When wearing patterned clothes, be sure to choose them carefully. Because patterns can look good or bad depending on the shape of the body. Smaller designs can look crowded and dirty in a photo. Instead of wearing patterned head-to-toe clothes, choose a relatively simple dress from your closet.
If you want to look slimmer, wear darker clothes. If you are thin, try wearing a light dress or a light colored sports jacket. Most importantly, wear clothes that you trust.

Fourth: Smile naturally

A fake smile can make you look bad even in a photo studio. It seems mandatory. When you take a photo, you have to give your best and most natural smile to find your best look. In order to give your best smile, you have to feel some kind of emotion. If you are not happy right now, think of a happy memory, your favorite meal, or something that makes you laugh. A real smile catches the eye. Try to smile with your lower eyelids. This can help you look more natural. Place the tip of your tongue on the back of the upper teeth. This can help you have a natural smile and prevent very open lips. Help the person standing in the picture frame to laugh. Practice in the mirror. Learn to tell the difference between a natural smile and a fake smile.

Fifth: Make up properly

Feminine makeup for women helps you look great (or scary) in photos. Learning how to highlight the right areas can help you look good in almost any photo. Use concealer instead of a thick base. Use concealer for those problem areas on your face, such as red areas around the nose or dark circles under your eyes. Apply concealer on the shadows on your face, which you can find by tilting your chin in the mirror of a photo studio. Then apply the cleansing powder on your T-area (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). These areas can look greasy.

– Draw eyeliner so that they do not disappear in the photo.
– To help make your eyes more beautiful, apply them with mascara.
Put some red on your cheeks to make them look smoother. Try a medium shade of pink, coral or peach on your cheeks.
– If you are not blushing, close your cheeks properly before taking a photo to give them color.

Sixth: Arrange the hair

Usually in a photography studio, the photographer gives a hint about your hair that you touch your head before taking a picture. If your hair is straight, it will give a special volume to your hair. You can also try this with your hands to fix or eliminate it if there is a problem. But if you are planning to photograph in a photography studio, it is better to go to a hair salon beforehand. Hair that looks too wet or dry does not look good in the photo. Control the dandruff so that you do not see their flight in your photo. Put some dry hair oil or wax on your hands to straighten your hair. Also think about the location of your hair. You want to have them on your shoulders or in front of you, behind you, or both shoulders. Practice in advance and decide which place suits you best.

But in the next part, we talked about how to take a photo, so stay tuned.