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Free Prewedding Lottery
FarimaAtelier / Sep 2020

Lottery Atelier Freima for free formality! All brides and grooms have a chance to participate in this lottery.
You get “1” points by taking the consultation time and “5” points by registering your order.
The good news is that the location and scenario of this formality will be the most different ……
be with us ….

After the enthusiastic presence of the dear brides and grooms and the unprecedented welcome of your loved ones, an exciting competition was created. After that, the bride and groom waited impatiently for the results to be announced
Finally, the date of the lottery was announced

Eid al-Ghadir! We have a gift for you! The lucky bride and groom will be introduced on this great holiday

The lottery was held on the day of Eid Ghadir

Finally, on the day of Eid Ghadir, the lottery of Atelier Farima was held and the dear brides and grooms were with us through the Instagram page and live Atelier Farima. Under the previous lottery rules, gold cards for brides and grooms were 5 points and other cards were 1 point.

After selecting 5 gold cards and 1 card of any other color, the second lottery was held again with the selected cards. And finally, the lucky bride and groom of Atelier Farima won …

Zahra and Abbas Aziz, winner of the free formality lottery in Farima Bridal Atelier