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Choose The Best Photography
FARIMA ATELIER / May 22, 2020

One of the most important questions young couples face in marriage and weddings is “What is the best studio?” Or “What are the criteria for choosing a good studio?”
In this article, we will point out some tips that will help brides and grooms choose the best studio.

Define your photography taste

By searching various internet sites and Instagram pages, you will become more familiar with new photography and design styles, and you can easily discover the desired style according to your taste. For example, do you like European photography and simple design for your journal album? Or photos that have more artistic pose and design are your favorite. There are many studios that offer different styles of work to their customers with different tastes, but there are other studios that have more of a specific style as their main work pattern.

Set your budget

Before visiting any studio, first, determine the budget you plan for your photography and filming celebration. You may not know the prices and packages of the studios, and it may be difficult for you to determine the budget. But it’s best to set a minimum and maximum budget first so that you can make an easier decision to choose the best studio.

Check out the different studios

To get more information and view more portfolios, don’t just go to one studio and check out several studios. But be careful not to search too much to find the best studio, because you may lose your taste and get confused by looking at different portfolios and packages. Of course, many couples do not need to search further due to their complete trust and previous information from a studio, and they easily choose their studio and film group and photo.
To save time, you can also search the internet and Instagram pages to contact several studios and get more information, and finally two to three studios that you think are the best and are in one place in one day. Check. For example, you can set a specific date for the “North Tehran Photography Atelier” to get more information and get to know more about their prices and portfolios. This saves time and allows for better comparisons and decisions

Do not ignore the distance between the studio and the wedding hall and hairdresser

Ideally, all the places you deal with on the day of your ceremony should be within a certain range of time to save time and your ceremony should be done with the best planning and ultimately peace of mind. But in many cases, this is not possible. In this case, it is better to choose two or three of them closely. For example, it is better to choose a bridal studio or a barbershop in the Pasdaran area for a hall located in the Farmaniyeh area.

Final conclusion

Your wedding night is the best and most memorable night of your life. With good planning, you can make everything look your best. Finally, put the results of your research together and make the final decision and look forward to the best night of your life.

The bride's studio and Farima's film and photo group wish you all the best