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Choose The Best Wedding Photography
FARIMA ATELIER / May 22, 2020

The wedding photo is definitely one of the most important aspects of the wedding, and the wedding is the most important moment of life and the biggest day of everyone’s memories, the only way to keep these memories alive is to record them through a lens. But since these recorded memories are supposed to be reviewed, it is important that they are the best and highest quality photos and, most importantly, that they are not repeated! So there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a professional bridal studio. Join us to have an easier way to choose your bridal studio. Ten questions you should ask your bride’s studio:

Ask the bride's studio what style of photography it is considering

Because journal images are so popular, the bridal studio usually captures images without a specific gesture. Some people prefer more traditional photos, which are more like this. But many bridal studios now combine both styles very well. So before choosing your bridal studio, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the different types of photography to know what style you like.

Is the photo is taking a color, is it black and white or both

There was a time when photography and filming were each exclusives, and photographers had to carry multiple cameras to capture guest photos and videos of weddings and wedding events in both color and black and white. Now, with digital photography, everything can be captured in color and turned into black and white. Some people say that by turning a color photo into a black and white photo, the quality of this artistic photo model decreases. If black and white photography is important to you, you need to make sure you fall in love with the final product and ask the bridal studio if the photos are taken digitally in black and white.

Do you have an assistant or other photographer with you

Some wedding photographers bring a second photographer with them, while others only bring one person to carry supplies. Some also have access to an internship to make sure you get one. It is also important for many people to have a bride and groom staff in choosing a bridal studio.

Does the cost of the bridal studio include filming?

Filming is an important part of recording memories. Some photographers work well with them, while others find them annoying. But if you want both a photographer and a cameraman (which we highly recommend) from your bridal studio, make sure the filming staff of your chosen bridal studio Experience, knowledge, and good manners.

Another question to ask your bridal studio is whether you are editing your photos.

With digital photography, most wedding photographers can edit their photos. They eliminate imperfections and hide some of its wrinkles and blemishes, and may even do artificial lighting. Find out if your photographer has that ability. Then ask the bridal studio to show you pre- and post-edit photos of their work samples, and make sure the retouching, background image, light, and photo environment are natural and high quality.

Does the Bride's Atelier give you high quality photo files

Wedding studios usually do this with complete desire But others give it to you six months to a year later. Couples often suffice with the same printed photos, but this is important for those who plan to travel and do not have access to the files. So it is better to specify this at the time of registration of the contract.

Does the bride's studio support the idea of the bride and groom

This is usually not possible due to delays and lack of planning, but to do so, it is best for brides and grooms to make a list and share it with their studio if they have a particular photo or idea. This method is even welcomed by the studio. The bridesmaids are placed

Is the person you met at the bride's studio a photographer or a coordinator

If the person is the coordinator, you must see your photographer’s work. Photography is an art form. No two eyes are exactly alike, so you don’t want any surprises. Also, try to go to the bridal studios that are self-produced and do zero to one hundred things from photography, filming, editing, editing, printing, and so on. By doing this, you will get rid of intermediaries, so you will have higher security and, most importantly, lower costs.

Is the Atelier of the Bride familiar with the venue of your ceremony?

If the answer is no, see if he wants to go to the place to check the place and choose the best places and angles for photography.
This means that the best thing to do to have a better picture is to practice. Both for the bride and groom and your wedding studio

What package does the bridal's studio offer

Usually the packages offered by bridal studios include equipment for scheduling video albums, depending on the cost you want, so it’s best to choose the most professional bridal studio by comparison.