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Autumn Prewedding And its Charms
FarimaAtelier / Oct 2020

Autumn has always been famous for the love season! Autumn and cool weather, colorful leaves, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and rainy, have different memories for all of us. Autumn and walking with a friend who has a different world, and his romances have a different color and smell … Memories and recording it have always been accompanied by photography and photography, photography also has a different mood in autumn …

In addition to the charms of autumn and the beauty and nature and the convenience of the weather, autumn has other benefits that are the best opportunity to do formality. Join the best studio in Tehran to check the formality in the fall

The best feature of autumn is the temperate climate, which allows for formality in a variety of climates and geographical areas. Autumn is the best time to do formalities in the tropics. Deserts and southern regions can be traveled for a limited time of the year. It is good to seize this opportunity and have a dreamy formality in these locations in the fall.

The mild autumn weather is very suitable for photography and filming. Why is it so hot and cold for brides and grooms, especially brides. Excessive heat causes damage to make-up, sweating, wetting of hair and clothes, clutter of bride and groom and bridal studio team, heatstroke, etc., and sharp sunlight causes the eyes of brides and grooms in the photos to be half-open or It should be closed and the face should be pus-filled. On the other hand, the intense heat during the hours of the day, such as noon, makes it very difficult to continue working and stops to some extent.

On the other hand, too much cold interferes with the filming and photography project

On the other hand, too much cold interferes with the filming and photography project. Since the bride and groom’s clothes, especially the bride’s, are not normally worn and suitable for the cold season, the cold weather will be very annoying for the bride and groom, resulting in immobility. , Their paleness and premature fatigue. Apart from the cold, the possibility of snow and rain may interrupt the formality or cause problems. Another problem with winters is the shortening of the day and the clear weather, which naturally shortens the filming and shooting time. Of course, winter certainly has its own beauties, but the necessary arrangements must be made to do so in order to be able to use and enjoy this divine blessing. In the future, Atelier Freima will definitely review the winter formalities and preparations before that.

According to the explanations mentioned, spring and autumn and temperate weather are the best time to do the formality. In addition, the beauty of autumn also attracts attention. The colorful forests of the north are pleasing to the eye in the fall, and photography in these forests gives your album a cheerful and attractive color theme. On the other hand, using the right style and cover can help make these photos and videos more formal. For more information on choosing formal wear, see the formal dress selection article.

But let’s not forget that colorful forests and mild climates are sustainable for a short time and must be planned in advance. In addition to the north and beautiful forests, the south and desert and tropical areas, inside the city and Tehran also has a different climate in autumn. Formalities in the city have always been a special attraction for young people, walking around the city and reliving old memories creates a good feeling for young couples.

Finally, autumn is the best season to do formalities, whether in the north or in the south or in the city ….. it has its charms. Holding a wedding in the fall is very attractive. Also, holding a formality in one season and holding a wedding in a different season, will make your film and photo more diverse and attractive. Seize the opportunity and record our loves in the fall forever.

For more information about new autumn tours and locations, contact the consulting team of Farima Bridal Atelier.