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9 tricks for children to laugh in a child photo studio
آتلیه فریما / Jun 2020

Everyone has been taught from birth how to smile for a photographer. You just tell them to say the word “apple” and they respond with a nice big natural smile, right? Well, anyone who has tried this can testify to how well it works (if you did not see me laughing then I have to say it does not). But in the end, you leave the baby photo studio with a photo of a child with clenched teeth, a hollow nose and frowning eyebrows. In this article, we as a professional baby photo studio want to reveal all the secrets to get beautiful and natural smiles from children.

First: Play the game "I'm coming to catch you"

You know the game … Where you say “I’m coming to catch you!”, While moving your fingers, slowly move towards the child and tickle them for a second, stand back. Then do it again. The child photographer at the photo studio once tickles the children, steps back, focuses, makes another fake attack, and takes a few pictures when the child smiles. As a bonus, you have a great workout and game.

Play Ghaem Bashk or “Dolly” behind the camera of the child’s photo studio. Make sure your child’s photo studio photographer is already focused and ready to smile. This game works better with younger kids (up to two years old). One of the types of methods is for someone to hide behind the photographer of the child’s photo studio, to appear, to hide again, to appear …

Third: Throw the baby up and down

Which kid doesn’t like to be thrown up and down? Of course, have an adult in the photo with them. An adult can throw them in the air, drag them up and down, pretend to drop them, hold them upside down, etc … If you want to make sure that The child and the adult are at the center of the photo, the adult holds the child facing each other, and the child photo studio shoots from the adult shoulder.

Fourth: Sing

They are children, I do not know what will happen if a funny voice or a funny face does not make them laugh. As a child photo studio, I usually tell parents something like, “Listen to the funny voice I make,” to get their attention and make sure they’re looking at the camera.

Fifth: Tickle them

For a child photo studio, this one sometimes looks like cheating, but if the child is a tickle, use it to your advantage. A small tickle usually leads to a small full smile, and a full tickle will even cause laughter. Both can work great.

Sixth: "Laugh from the bottom of your heart"

Tell them to laugh from the bottom of their hearts (and pretend to do so first). When they do, laugh with them so they don’t become self-conscious. At first, this usually creates an open-mouthed laugh, but then they usually cope with a good natural smile. The baby photo studio should also be prepared for this with the camera.

Seventh: "You do not laugh"

Everyone plays the reverse psychology game with kids to get them to do what they do not want to do. Well this also works for photography. Tell the children not to smile and go upstairs in the baby photo studio and play it so the baby knows it is a joke. Don’t laugh … don’t laugh, don’t do this … you get it and they always have to smile perfectly.


Tell them a joke if needed. As a baby photo studio, we usually have a lot of baby jokes in our pockets and this is often the case.

Ninth: to play

Let the kids play in or out of the photo studio, pull something out from behind them, jump up and down with them, ask who can jump higher, let them show you their muscles Show. Sometimes the results of photographing children’s play are amazing.