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The Do's And Don'ts Of Wedding Ceremonies
FARIMA ATELIER / May 22, 2020

We know that you are more concerned with the overall taste of the cake than with the overall wedding menu, but your wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, and by making a list and prioritizing things to make things more orderly and easier. As a result, you are comfortable with the idea that the ceremony will be performed according to pre-arranged schedules. But there are some things that are not usually taken into account, but by doing or not doing some of them, you will have a more special ceremony. This article tries to help you with some of the do and don’t of getting married.

Must: Add your own items to the a list

From getting ready to getting to the wedding venue, there are plenty of pre-wedding getaways that can potentially take time and procrastinate, making your ceremony start later. In many cases, you have limited space for a ceremony and you don’t want your guests to be waiting for you. Normally, each beauty procedure, such as hair and makeup, takes about 60 minutes, so plan for three and a half hours (or even four) hours for beauty.
Note: Ask each expert to make a realistic estimate of how long their work is going to last, and then consider an extra 15 to 30 minutes to have extra time. That way, if things go smoothly, if something unexpected doesn’t take you back, there will be extra time. In addition, any extra time can be used for photography or conversations before the wedding ceremony begins.

Shouldn't: You shouldn't spend the entire decoration budget or your wedding ceremony package on flowers.

Talk to your wedding venue manager to start decorating high-impact areas such as the hallway and the bride and groom’s place, as these attract the most attention from both guests and the photographer. Then use the rest of your decorating budget for the entrance, chairs, and decorations. A waterfall decorated with flowers and corridors covered with petals are classic decoration ideas that are beautiful ideas and you can implement for your ceremony. Important Note: If you only want to make a few decorations, talk to a florist to find out what you need. But for a more sophisticated design, coordinate with a floral designer or wedding planner to help you create and execute the best floral arrangement.

Must: If your wedding ceremony is held on the outdoor place, order a comfortable chair

If guests are comfortable, they can only focus on enjoying your event, which makes it easier for the rest of the day. This doesn’t just mean ordering a comfortable sofa, it can even mean adding colorful cushions to plastic or metal folding hard chairs. There should be enough space between the chair and other tables for the layout, so guests have enough space around the table to sit comfortably.
Note: If you are planning the layout and atmosphere of the ceremony yourself, keep in mind: there should be at least one square meter for each person and three to four extra square meters in the place of the bride and groom.

Shouldn't: You don't have to be content with just your list

You can create a romantic moment by choosing a memorable song or a song that is close to your love story. But before choosing a song, you should know that there is no problem with writing principles, such as the names of the members of the wedding party, the order of the events and the events that you want to happen, and so on. So you avoid mental conflict and stress.

Must: You need to have a backup program or list for your wedding ceremony

If the wedding ceremony is outdoors, preparing the second map in case of rain, snow or any weather conditions, means booking an alternative option inside the hall or under the tent. You should also think of ways to make the ceremony as open as possible. This could mean installing heating systems to prevent the cold in the cold seasons of the year or, for example, providing an umbrella to prevent annoying sunlight on a hot summer day.

Must: If the wedding and wedding ceremony is in one day, meet with your wedding preacher before the ceremony

This person is the initiator of your emotional and formal covenant, so it is very important that someone you are completely comfortable with at the wedding ceremony. And if you meet him ahead of time, your ceremony will feel more personal and authentic.