Farima Atelier wedding photography, with forty years of experience and permission from the Photographers' Union, organizes ceremonies and formalities for you dear ones around the world with various teams.


Farima Atelier Complex is operating internationally with forty different backgrounds and branches, and the number of domestic and foreign branches is increasing. Farima’s expanding family includes five main teams: the public relations team, including senior executives, MBA executives, bridal consultants and administrative staff. The executive team includes a cameraman, a photographer, an Ronin operator, a crane operator, a projection editor and an assistant, and the design team and the editing team include journal designers and professional editors.


Atelier Farima’s ability to hold several ceremonies a day at the same time and control the quality of all ceremonies is the result of the tireless efforts of management and heads of executive and staff units. The pride and glory of the Farima Atelier Collective depends on the satisfaction of you dear customers, which has been achieved from the past to the future thanks to the merciful God and the efforts of the Farima Atelier. Future will have a different meaning for the Farima collection, which depends on today’s and the organizational behavior of the collection. We will have special and unique plans for the future, and from today we will try to achieve our long-term goals. Your presence in the Farima collective will always be accompanied by a smile, and you will be a part of the big family of the Farima Atelier, and we will be proud of it and will always be your companion of your smile and look.


Creativity is a simple yet complex word that basically means innovating and creating a new idea. Farima Atelier Research and Development Team (R&D) is regularly developing ideas and creating innovations in the film and photo industry during efficient meetings so that we can see the creation of new and different works and images from others for you dear ones.


Today, technology plays an important role in our lives, human beings, but the use of this technology involves sufficient knowledge and skills. Experience modern filming and photography with us


Today, the survival of any business depends on customer satisfaction. We at Farima Atelier have known this for a long time, and from the past until now, customer satisfaction has always been and will be all the goals of the organization, because the best moments of your life should be with taste and Your request, dear ones, to be registered. All our services will be provided for you dear ones and at your request


Customer communication advertising is to convey a message about the company’s services and products. Today, delivering this message clearly and efficiently, as well as efficiently, is essential for better customer decision making. Strategic studies have shown that quality site images of products or services, information brochures, product packaging design, and the production of promotional clips of products and services can achieve this and that the balance of professional principles along with ethical principles can ultimately be achieved Satisfy customers.

Fardad Tis Arad Company officially started its work in 2012 with the aim of realizing this content in the field of making industrial advertising teasers, industrial and advertising photography, from the very beginning of its activity with the support of its professional executive team, different ideas, and innovations in this industry created. Therefore, from the very beginning, thanks to God and the continuous efforts of the company’s personnel, the rate of return and customer satisfaction with the services provided has been very high.

Fardad Tis Arad Company is known by the brand name of Fardad among the manufacturers of industrialists and other saunas in our dear country and always mentions all the customers as Nik from the company and the company has been able to take a big step with its services to introduce service products and Factory production lines to customers. The main services of Fardad Tis Arad Company include:


  • Photographing equipment, products, factories and exhibitions
  • Macro photography
  • Making advertising teasers
  • Making a documentary
  • Making a teaser from the production line of factories and workshops
  • Designing all kinds of brochures
  • Designing special types of packaging
  • Mobile unit
  • Filming and live broadcast
  • And other photo and video services

Farima Digital Company officially started its activities in 2006 and at the very beginning of its entry into the market, it was able to create a huge change in Iran and the world. We have ideas and creativity, high quality, and progress in this industry. Farima Digital’s activity is in the field of presenting the final products of film and photography for photographers and videographers. Take a big step towards the satisfaction of photographers and videographers and offer even more efficient services than other leading Italian and global brands. Farima Digital Company has fully automatic and semi-automatic printing industry devices, including Durst teta76 – Noritsu pro 24 – Noritsu 3704 – Noritsu QSS-34 Series, which is one of the best printing equipment and devices with global standards. Digital has always used the best materials and materials from the best companies in the world, such as Kodak paper, Henkel German binding glue, and other modern materials in the world.

In this regard, and with full confidence in the services provided by Farima Digital Company, we will have a 5 year replacement warranty on all products offered. This warranty is based on an expert review, use of high quality raw materials, and up to date industrial equipment and professional personnel of the organization. It should be noted that Farima Digital Company has two sub brands with brand names Farima Atelier and Fardad Tis Arad, which can be a good complement to each other.

For example, Farima Digital Collection has been able to have a great impact on customer satisfaction by printing and binding albums of Atelier Farima Collection, or in Fardad Tis Arad Company, which mainly performs filming and industrial photography services, printing advertising brochures, etc., all output The work (printing catalogs, brochures, packaging, boxes, etc.) is done by Farima Digital Company.


Every year, Farima Digital Company has established good relations with the audience, including photographers and videographers, the best sub industries and related audiences, by participating in Iranian and international exhibitions, which has created a good exchange of information between these people and the company. And it has had a huge impact on the development of the industry. The activity of Farima Digital Company during all these years has been the result of establishing communication with at least 2500 members (photographers and videographers) and providing very high stability and durability of services.


Farima Digital is proud to compete with neighboring countries and European countries to compete with the world’s leading companies that participate in the German Photokina Exhibition every year, and will always provide services to you dear ones with global standards.

Iran's first photographer
Continuation of the family profession
Founder of Farima Atelier
Opening of various branches of Farima Atelier